Narcissus EP

by Aescer

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Narcissus is the second official EP from Aescer following Lost Kingdom (2011). Similar to Lost Kingdom it follows a specific set of reording restrictions, this time sticking to electronic instruments (except for the voice) in the studio. With the exception of a few guitar parts everything was sequenced and engineered in the studio with almost no recording. The EP was written to push Aescers boundaries of electronic music, focuing more on tracks such as A Great Deceiver (The Man Within) and to work as an introduction to the 4th album Nature vs Nurture (2014). It was the first official collaboration of Imraescer outside Broken Console.

The artwork is dramatic representation of the albums themes of indulgence, depicting a girl surround by alcohol, cigarettes, and a hypodermic needle. Unlike Lost Kingdom but following his other three albums, it was designed by Aescer who tried to capture as many elements of self destructive self indulgence as possible. The artwork was designed to provoke rather than represent Aescer's own experiences. The photo features model Emily Tesh.


released December 30, 2013

All tracks written and recorded by Aescer
Album Produced by Imrasescer
Addition drum programming by Imrae
Vocals on Track 1 performed by Mhairi Jackson
Artwork Designed by Michael Ford, with thanks to Emily Tech
Recorded and Mastered at The Lake Studio - Shallow Water Studios
Released 30 December 2013 on Shallow Water Records
Album length 18 minutes
all material is owned © by Michael Ford at Shallow Water Music including but not limited to all Music, Lyrics and Artwork MMXIII



all rights reserved


Aescer Huddersfield, UK

Aescer is a north based upcoming artist and producer. Heavily influenced by Tori Amos, Aescer is mainly a pianist writing songs ranging from gentle acoustic piano tones, through acoustic and electric guitar, to incredibly sequenced digital tracks. Though his music is incredibly varies Aescer maintains a continuous style throughout tracks. Lyrically he tackles issues of mental health and sexuality. ... more

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Track Name: Narcissus
Can you see me drown? I'm drowning in all I see.
Deep, deep down in my blackest heart I'm wondering "Can I push you far?"
We are so alike, you and I. Such ability to lie.
As Hepburn fades my failure grows, I wish I could decide how much it shows.

Bring me to my knees before I turn around, hurt me!
Let me feel your chains on my flesh, looking up at your red corset
My little sadist. Maybe I didn't shoot to kill.
But if a smoking gun's what turns you on well mine's got a silencer screwed on.

But I can not dream of you without checking out.
But I can not dream of you

But understand honey I'm your evergreen.
I can never let another lay a finger on another, but my doors are open wide.
Count one, two, three and you're lost to me but one, two, three, four and we're out the door
Else we're on the floor with nicotine stains driving fast down the road in the right hand lane.

I need you but you're lost to me.
Your innocence hangs by a thread and it's wrapped tight around my neck.
I need you, come and lie next to me.
Little girl are you scared? Don't be afraid, I'd never cut your thread, no.

But I can not dream of you without checking out.
But I can not dream of you

Come and hurt me baby like I hurt you. My little masochist. Come on now, come and hurt me.
Track Name: Hand of an Angel
Dream, dream of me:
I'm something you don't know, caught and exploited.
Hold me tighter to all your hopes as you rise on my lust
You can never love me as you follow me.
Open me as we dream.

I tell you I'm not here for all these intentions,
Listen to your propaganda.
And I won't let you pretend that this is not torture,
Listen to them scream out as you follow me.
Open me. Scream.

You just see me.

Watch and absorb lies for truth
I don't want to hurt you, touch me.
And I won't let you pretend that this is not torture,
Listen to them scream out as you follow me.
Open me.
Track Name: Barbed Wire
Silence surrounds me in my cage,
Echoing the weight of each breath.
For every tick and every drip I swell.
I feel no remorse as I sit and watch you in my cell.

Does god weep at the sight of his creation?
A boy in love plagued by deprivation.
Jesus we're not from the same religion
But I can blame you still for self inflicted persecution.

Silence surrounds me in my cage,
Echoing the weight of each breath.

How will you remember me when I am gone?
Am I still the saviour or just lost soul?
I was once so strong and powerful
But now I must be saved from my own foolish persecution.

Last night I had that same dream; an endurance test:
Shards of glass were rubbed by men into my flesh.
Silence surrounds me in my cage,
Echoing, with itching blood, each breath.